What is the Ideal Age for Playing Airsoft?

Mommy told you to not play with guns. Playing with toys is for children.

She’s right, but there are some exceptions. One of them is airsoft because it can be played by almost everyone – men and women, young and old! Yes, even your grandfather can join the game as long as he or she has reasonable eyesight. That said, if you’re still wondering what age group should begin playing airsoft, then perhaps the following information could help answer your question:

  • 16 years old and above – this is usually the limit set by most indoor arenas since they require parental consent to allow anyone below 18 years old to play their games
  • Most outdoor fields allow 16-year olds but may require parental supervision or consent* Airsoft guns below 400 FPS with a maximum muzzle energy of 1 joule are allowed for use by children 16 years old and below

Airsoft is not just a game played by teenagers. There’re also some adults who play the sport to let go of their stress. However, there are still establishments that prohibit people aged 30 years old and above from playing because they believe that older age groups tend to treat it more like an actual war rather than taking it like a game. As such, it’s best that you discuss this matter with the owner of the field before joining the game if there’s any chance you might be turned away during your first visit.

The following video shows how different generations enjoy the game:

To know if a field is age-appropriate for you, here are some questions to ask:

  • Can players wear protective gears such as masks and vests?
  • Do they allow realistic-looking replicas of real guns or pistols?
  • Is the game open to people aged 16 years old and above only?
  • Are there any additional fees if you’re 30 years old or above?

The Ideal Age to Play Airsoft – Conclusion     

If you want to join an outdoor field, then it’s best that you stick with fields that allow children at least 16 years old to play. However, if your arena requires written consent from parents/guardians before granting permission, then perhaps your child can play at indoor arenas instead. Also, consider your child’s maturity level and think if he or she can behave well during the game. This way, you’ll ensure that both your kids and other players will be playing in a safe and friendly environment.

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