Choosing the Right Night Vision Equipment for Airsoft – Some Tips

You already know that when you want to play Airsoft, you have to be in full combat gear. Do you think that you will be able to do that? On the battlefield, you have to be hidden otherwise you will not be able to adhere to what your team expects you to do. Airsoft games can be very competitive. There will be times when everyone is so serious that it can be frustrating when you or your team member makes a mistake.

People are used to playing airsoft during the daytime but will you be prepared to play it at night? You need thermal sights and other thermal sights. You need to make sure that you will be able to see the other team members even when there isn’t enough light available. You will not be able to do this without the right gear.

How to Choose Night Vision Equipment for Airsoft?

It can be overwhelming when you try to look for the right equipment without doing enough research. You may think that the items are all the same. The night vision monocular that you are looking at is going to perform differently if it is used by another player. It will be wise to check the recommendations and reviews. Just remember that you need to know your position when you are playing. This will help you narrow down your choices and make the right decision.

Remember that the night vision equipment that you are going to purchase should help you overcome the possible limitations you will encounter because of playing at night. Just remember that even with the right gear, it may still be hard to play. It will get better the more that you keep on playing.

These are some things that you have to consider when looking at the different tools and equipment:

  • Reaction Speed
  • Materials Used
  • Price

IRR is Not Going to be Too Important

People say that the IRR is going to be important. If in case you are not familiar with this, this stands for Infrared Remission. This means that the objects will have the ability to reflect infrared radiation.

You will see if an item like this is being pointed towards you when you see the glow of the lens. This will let you know if you should move from your current position or if you are going to change your tactics. Remember that you can also choose the right IRR gear that may also improve your overall stand while playing the game. It is just not the only item that you will need so do not focus on this solely.

Tactical Clothing Colors Will Be Enough

One of the mistakes of people is assuming that they should still wear camouflage at night. It is ideal if you are going to get clothes in colors that can go from day to night. This means that you can be well-hidden during the day and still be not visible when you are playing at night. You do not have to spend too much money on dark camouflage clothes. They can be very expensive.

Remember that at night, other people will not be able to see the clothes that you are wearing as long as you would choose the right shades. You do not have to spend too much money on camouflage. What you can spend on is protective equipment and gear. Remember that if you get hit by a BB pellet, it can hurt. The injury can be serious if you are not wearing any protective gear on your eyes because your eyes are going to be very sensitive.

Do Not Use Bright Light

In the same way that you are not using bright lights when you are hunting, you should not use bright lights too when you are playing airsoft. Using lights can sometimes make people see you when you are trying to hide but it will all depend on the type of light that you are going to use.

Remember that it is rare that other people will see the diode burning on the equipment that you are using unless they are very near. The marker that you have placed on your different weapons will not be immediately visible too. The key here is to choose the right equipment that you think will be effective to use at night. The better your choices are, the better that you will be able to play Airsoft in the evening.


It is easy to become confused with all of the things that you need to think about. Playing airsoft at night is also different from what you are used to. The more that you play it though, the more that you may like it. Some say that they cannot play the game anymore unless they are playing in the dark. Make sure that you are prepared with the right night vision devices and you are good to go.

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