How to Get Back into Airsoft

You may have felt that you were truly locked out of your hobbies during the lockdown. The pandemic changed the way that people live. In some parts of the world, people are trying to go back to normal. One thing is for sure, you have missed playing airsoft. You cannot wait to go back and play again.

You can check the items that you already have. Do you think that you can start playing with the rest of your team again? If you answer yes, then you just have to know the rules so you can start playing. If not, it is best to check what items you need to get first to have the best airsoft experience.

Things for Getting Back into Airsoft

You may be looking at your items and connecting with people whom you have played with before. Prepare your bag and make sure that you have these items.

  • Safety Goggles

One of the parts of your body that you should always protect is your eyes. Can you imagine if it would get hit while you are playing? It can be very problematic. You do not want this to happen because it can cause serious injuries.

There are different styles that you can choose from. Some would like safety goggles that are made out of multi-layered plastic. Some would rather choose goggles made out of mesh. It would be up to you and what your preference is. The important thing is that you are going to take good care of your eyes.

  • Safety Mask and Gun Shield

It is okay to get hit by some of the pellet guns on different parts of your body but it is never okay to get hit on the face. Your face is going to be more sensitive. The skin there is going to be softer. You do not want to get hurt.

Some would choose the metal wire mesh because they think that it can offer them better protection. You can also wear something softer but there is no guarantee that you are going to protect your teeth. There are bottom gum shields that are available if you feel that you need them.

  • Hydration Bladder

A lot of airsoft games are done during the summer. Expect that it is going to be hot. Plus, you are going to wear a lot of clothes to protect your body. It can be very warm and uncomfortable. The hydration bladder is going to be very helpful for this purpose.

If you have not heard of the hydration bladder before, it is a type of water bottle that comes with a mouthpiece. Whenever you need to take a sip, you can just drink from it easily. There is no need to bring a standard bottle with you that can be a bit hard to use especially when you are trying your best to stay in character during the game.

  • A Lot of Batteries

If you have played airsoft before, you should know how important it is to bring a lot of batteries with you. If you know that the game is not going to last for a long time, bringing about three spare batteries will be sufficient. If you are going to play an airsoft game that is expected to carry over the weekend, you are better off bringing even more batteries with you.

Take note that if your guns do not use batteries but would require gas instead, you need to bring gas too. There are different brands available so make sure to research before making a purchase. You do not want to end up with a product that is not compatible with your gun, right?

  • The Right Camouflage

You cannot enter the battlefield wearing clothes that you have always wanted to wear when you go to parties. This time, you need to wear clothes that will help you blend in with your surroundings. It will help to research the area ahead of time. It will give you an idea about the best colors to purchase.

Remember that you may need to pay more attention to colors if you plan on doing an overnight battle. You do not have to wear camouflage gear but make sure that the colors will not be visible in the dark.

  • BBs

Can you imagine going into battle and not having enough BBs? It can be enough to make you feel that you have let yourself and your whole team down. Make sure that you have enough BB pellets with you. This way, you know that you are always prepared to take your team to victory.


The more that you have all of the right items needed, the more prepared you will be to tackle different things that come your way. Just remember that since you have probably not used your gun for a long time, you should clean them and make sure that they are working properly before you pack them.

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